Electrical Heating Controls

Heating Controls allow you to manage your energy consumption

Improving your heating controls can help you to match your heating and hot water needs to your working and living patterns. Without adequate heating controls, you could be using as much as 20%** too much energy.

 Your heating systems should be split into at least two independently controlled “zones“.

1. Your “Space Heating Zones” (i.e. your radiators for heating your rooms) and
2. Your “Hot Water Zone” (your taps and your hot water). 

This will allow you to heat your hot water without the need to turn on your home heating system. More zones can also be installed in larger homes to split upstairs from downstairs or living areas from bedrooms.

**Source SEAI. Savings and losses are calculated by SEAI Grants and are subject to BER. Click here for more details on SEAI grants and how we can help you. See Grants section »

We can fit or repair any heating control system.

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