Thermodynamic Hot Water Panels

Save money with, a reliable and worry-free, Thermodynamic Solar Panel System, that will provide Hot Water 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
Thermodynamic Hot Water Panels are designed to work in typical Irish weather conditions – hail, rain, wind or shine.

Save Money and The Environment

With the only electrical power consumption being a small compressor motor (equivalent to that on a domestic fridge), the system can save up to 80% of your water heating costs. This means that the capital investment can be recouped in a short period of time. The system incorporates an environmentally friendly safe klea gas. It is non combustible so there are no Co2 emissions or smells of any kind.

A Reliable and Worry Free System

With over a thousand systems already installed thoughout Ireland and virtually no maintenance required, the system has proven itself as a reliable and extremely cost effective alternative to conventional water heating methods.

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Contact us today to find out more this domestic hot water system that:

  • Guarantees 100% of your Domestic Hot Water
  • Saves up to 80% on your Domestic Hot Water Heating Bills
  • Can be installed in just one day
  • Is installed in thousand’s homes all over Ireland
  • Is designed with the Irish weather in mind

How It Works

  • Heat Is Captured Under The Form of Solar Radiation, Environmental Temperature, Rain, Wind and Even Snow.
  • The Heat Produced On Colder Days, Even At Night Is Sufficient To Attain The Water Temperature Desired
  • The Solar Panel is Light (Only 8kg), Discreet and Versatile in Terms of Where To Put It
  • 3rd Generation Thermodynamic Solar Energy
  • Hot Water Up To 55 ° Available 24Hours per day
  • Almost Non-Existent Maintenance
  • The Energy Consumption Of The Equipment Is Reduced Due To A Super Efficient Compressor
  • No Defrost Cycle

The LVP Thermodynamic Hot Water Panel system joins two incomplete technologies, the heat pump and the solar thermal collector. Thermal Solar Collectors are the best source of heat on hot and sunny days but they are totally inefficient whenever there is no sun, and let’s face it in Ireland that’s a given. That’s where this Domestic Hot Water solution marries the best of both worlds.

Through the cooling liquid which covers a closed circuit, the liquid goes into the solar panel and suffers the action of sun, rain, wind, environment temperature and other climate factors. During the process the liquid gains heat in a more favourable way than a heat pump. After this stage, the heat is transferred to an exchanger with the help of a small compressor, which heats the water. The liquid cools down and the circuit is repeated.

As the fluid has a boiling point of approximately 30°C the system works even when there is no sun and it even works at night, providing hot water at 55°C day and night, hail, rain, wind or shine, unlike a traditional solar thermal system.

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