Replacement of gun barrel pipework

When it comes to problems with radiators usually the problems centre on the piping used to connect them. The metal used in gun barrel is subject to rust and can rust from the inside out, resulting in leaks. Furthermore, some of the insulation used years ago to insulate these pipes have caused a reaction weakening the structure of the pipe. This corrosion will occur over time forcing you to replace the piping in your home. Clogged or corroded piping reduces the circulation of your heating system and dramatically reduces the efficiency of your heating system.

The efficiency of an old heating system can be as low as 55 – 60% meaning that nearly half the money you spend on fuel whether it is oil or gas is completely wasted. You also must factor in increased maintenance costs and poor dependability. Sometimes a new heating system is the ideal starting point to upgrade your home to be more efficient.

TP Gas Services has extensive experience in carrying out this work and always plans around you so to minimise any necessary disruption and of course ensures everything is kept clean as we go. We understand how important everyone’s home is, and we like you to be as comfortable as possible in it as works are been carried out.

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